Zatoichi - The Gambler (博徒 Bakuto)
The Gambler (博徒 - Bakuto) - According to wikipedia ( "Bakuto (博徒) were itinerant gamblers active in Japan from the 18th century to the mid-20th century. They were one of two forerunners (the other being tekiya, or peddlers) to modern Japanese organized crime syndicates called yakuza."

Zatoichi loved his gambling, especially luring the greedy and dishonest players with his dice trick. Also, with his super keen sense of hearing and intuition, he could tell how the dice were going to turn up, and even where they were hidden when the dice thrower intended to cheat.

Out of numerous gambling episodes, I have selected four clips to be presented here. These are respectively from "The Chess Expert", "Fight Ichi Fight", "Chest of Gold" and "Ichi's Revenge". I like these four because of their drama and Cinematography.

00:00 - Zatoichi - The Gambler
01:06 - Gambling scene 1 from "Zatoichi and the Chess Expert" (座頭市地獄旅)
07:44 - Gambling scene 2 from "Fight, Zatoichi, Fight" (座頭市血笑旅)
12:58 - Gambling scene 3 from "Zatoichi and the Chest of Gold" (座頭市千両首)
17:41 - Gambling scene 4 from "Zatoichi's Revenge" (座頭市二段斬り)

Two pieces of musical compositions were used in the background, both are royalty free and copyright free, and available from Youtube as follows:

Appears in video clip 1 and clip 3
Title: Apocalpyse

Music: Power Music Factory

Appears in video clip 2 and clip 4
Title: Inside (Gordon Williams)

Music: Power Music Factory