Where To Find The Best Atlanta Georgia Resort

Staying at a resort in Georgia can be an exciting time. If you are lucky enough to get one in Atlanta, this is a place that you should be visiting. There are some that can handle large families, or perhaps you are only traveling with your significant other. Either way, resorts can offer you a great time, and a wonderful vacation, especially if you are staying for a week or more. To get the best deals on Atlanta Georgia resorts, these tips will help you make the right choice.

How To Find Resorts In Atlanta That Are Available

Your search for Atlanta Georgia resorts will begin with the search online. You will look at the reviews they have received. You will see them in the three pack on Google. Look at the comments that have been made. Then, you will want to go to a website to see if you can get a special deal. If you happen to be traveling there, and you are booking your entire vacation, that’s the best time to save the most money.

Top Resorts In Atlanta That You Should Consider

The best resorts in Atlanta will often have reviews on major travel websites. They are always going to present this information so that these locations can get more visitors. One of the best is The Lodge at Sea Island. This is a beautiful destination, one that you will want to stay out for much longer than your vacation. Another option is the Cloister at Sea Island, and there is always the Ritz-Carlton Reynolds. Just compare the prices they are offering, and then make a decision to stay at one of them to find out how much you will enjoy it. 1 Final Pl. to mention is called the Westin Savannah Harbor golf resort and spa. This is one of the top places that you can stay, but it is in Savannah in Georgia.

These are just a few options to consider if you are going to be in the Atlanta area for an extended period of time. It’s always nice to have access to water when you are going to stay on a vacation. Although some of them can be quite pricey, you can always do a search for ones that are not resorts if that is more within your budget. Either way, you are going to have a fun time in this beautiful city in the middle of Georgia.

Tips To Keep You Safe In Atlanta

Atlanta is a big city and like many big cities, it has a problem with crime. You need to be aware of your surroundings if you want to increase your chances of being safe and there are some things that you should and should not do when you are in Atlanta if you want to avoid problems. Read on to learn some tips that can help you stay safe and secure in Atlanta.

When you are in Atlanta, you want to make sure that you focus on where you are going when you are walking around instead of being glued to your phone. When you walk around texting and talking you are not as aware of what is going on around you and it is easier for a criminal to sneak up on you and grab your purse or your wallet. You could also end up getting your phone stolen.

When you are walking around, stay off the phone and pay attention to the people around you. If you notice anything off, just go into a store until you are ready to resume your journey. Another thing you want to consider is traveling light. You don’t need to carry a lot of cash or every credit card you own around with you. Just take what you need and leave the rest at home.

Avoid walking around downtown alone at night. You are going to be more vulnerable this way and for peace of mind you want to avoid this risky behavior. Call an Uber or take a cab where you need to go instead of walking around, especially if it is after 8 at night. You don’t want to be seen as a target if you are walking around alone. Taking a cab is going to be safer for you.

If you are female, you might want to take a self-defence course so you can protect yourself in case you get attacked. You can find them for free or for a low cost and they are fun to take. You will feel more in control after you are finished. Pepper spray is another thing you are going to want to keep with you if you have to be out a lot at night. Pepper spray can disable your attacker so you can get away safely. If you are moving to Atlanta, you need to know how to protect yourself.